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Lecture: Deutschkurs A1 (digitales Buch) (German Course A1) - Details
  Deutschkurs A1 (digitales Buch) (German Course A1)
The beginner’s Course 1 is intended for students and interested with no previous knowledge of the German language. It adresses simple sentences and expressions in daily life (at the supermarket, in public offices, at the doctor’s, at the office.)
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Tuesday: 16:00 - 19:30, weekly (from 04/15/2014)
SS 2014 until unlimited
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Tue.., 15.04.2014, 16:00 - 19:30, Room: (VMP8)
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Malte Siebenrok
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Lecture in category Teaching
In winter term 2004/2007 TUHH started an experiment by offering two German e-learning courses which combined different learning methods. In these courses digital media were applied to encourage oral communication and conversation and to work out presentations in the computer pool. The lecturers were prepared to be contacted by email out of class, too. (during the week)
This concept reached such a positive rating by the young students of the TUHH that as from winter term 09/10 all courses “German as a foreign language” (exception: master courses) were turned into blended learning courses in order to benefit from the different methods.
Grammar exercises and interactive exercises were implemented on the website to make students more independent from a rigid timetable.
International students and interested
The admission to the classes depends on the Common European Framework of References for Languages
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Lessons in e-learning rooms in addition to lessons with compulsory attendance in conventional rooms.
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Responsibility: Malte Siebenrok
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